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Gus Barni's Transformative Energy Healing Workshop

An evening with Gus Barni, Energy Healer. Gus has been trained in a variety of energy healing modalities and shares them at Sugar Plum on April 20th from 7-9. Join Gus, open up your intuitive channels, see where you unblock areas of your life where you have been stuck, and relax deeply. Gus will help you to understand how these esoteric modalities can enhance your knowledge of self for a more well balanced life. Aura scanning and questions answered through channeling & Muscle Tests.

Limited Seats
Pre-Tickets $35-$45 at the Door
Beverage ticket included to be used after event
Light refreshments will be served
Seating Inside Gallery (Private Event) Food Trucks outside

Gus Barni is a Metaphysical Teacher and Researcher. He works in the field of Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine and Energy Nutrition. He is the Developer of several Breakthrough Nutritional Supplements over the last 30 years that have been created for the purpose of healing and reversing illnesses in the Human body (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat , cure or prevent any disease). As of recently Gus has developed the BHB Method to combat Drug Addiction that is being used to treat Emotional Traumas. This method includes The 9 Steps to a Healthy Mind, The Conscious Heart Therapy, Sequential Synergistic Sound Frequencies and the products Clean and Life Force . A clinical Study is in the works to show the validity of the BHB Method to help make a dent on our Nation’s Drug Epidemic. Gus is also the Author of Relationships, Functional vs Dysfunctional that will be out in May of this year. Gus is the Founder of Life Thru Nature Foundation a charity to help individuals and their families heal from the devastation that accompanies this Drug Epidemic.

He is among the not so many "Seers" that can see thru the Veil a privilege allowing him to look accurately at the past, present and probable future. Though this would put an individual in the top 1% of Physic ability Gus believes these abilities can be obtained by those who truly desire them as we are all one with our Creator.

Gus is certified in the following modalities:

Transformational Energy
Theta Healing
Inception Point Therapy
Matrix Energetics
Angel Intuitive

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