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Trash Fashion Show - Wearable Art/Repurposed Fashion

Join us for an evening of green fashion with Aidana Baldassarre as she presents a fashion show with her unique designs. 

A portion of the proceeds will go to Trash Fashions Inc. Charity. 

VIP Ticket includes a complimentary glass of wine or draft craft beer, food and a VIP gift bag.

Visit her website to learn more:

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TrashFashions and the work of Aidana Baldassarre is driven by the idea of transforming old and discarded elements into new, one of a kind designs of wearable art in an organic way.

Trash is the new raw material!!!
TrashFashions started in 2004 in Boston and since then the show and the designs have been in various venues from Museums and galleries to corporate events in the USA in Boston,NYC, Florida, Seattle,California, Colorado and internationally Buenos Aires Argentina,Beirut Lebanon,France for Paris Fashion Week, New Zealand and Holland

Recently Aidana Baldassarre was commissioned by Kenneth Cole to transform his NYC billboards into tote bags!!!! 

Aidana Baldassarre collaborated with Sierra Club providing a Trashfashions Fashion show for the yearly fundraising event!!! 

The Trash-Fashions show combines, art, designs and fashions in an educational and entertaining way.

TrashFashions is also a line of products made in the USA and a NON- Profit organization that brings awareness about sustainability, conscious consumerism, and aims to aid and inspired women by encouraging positive body image.