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David Zelnar Book Signing and Photo Exhibition

Join David as he presents readings from his two books and exhibits his travel photography. Enjoy wine tasting and lite bites.

He will be signing and reviewing his book "Adventures in Teaching: A Guide to Becoming an English Teacher Abroad"

Teaching English as a foreign language is an amazing opportunity. It can whisk you away from the mundane and take you to places you’d never imagine you’d go to. It can fulfil you in all manner of ways as watch your students – and yourself – develop. And you can make a good living out of it too.

But it can be a scary proposition if you don’t know anything about it. There are so many unknowns. Indeed many people give up on the idea simply because they don’t know where to start.

This new guide to becoming an English teacher abroad deals with all of your questions and more

-What is teaching as a foreign language?
-Is it a realistic option for you?
-Which countries can you work in?
-How do you find a job?
-What qualifications do you need?
-What kind of jobs are out there?
-What order should you do all this in?

And he will be signing and reviewing "Land Of The White Eagle: Legends Of Polska"

This is a compilation of Polish legends and myths that I discovered while living in Poland. Some are common folklore, others are known to only a select few. The fables take you to a world that abounds with fantastical creatures and stretch the realm of possibility. Prepare for a journey to a Kingdom of magic. Welcome to the Land of the White Eagle.

The book contains 9 different legends and original photographs.It is great for kids and preteens or anyone interested in legends and mythology.

Learn more about David Zelnar on his website